Service & Installation

Installation Labor

Spoilers, performance parts, suspension, electronic and other miscellaneous parts.

  • Standard Labor: $65/hr

  • Returning Customers: $50/hr

Air suspension Installation

Accuair, airlift, D2, airtekk, airforce, vera, height sensors, all basic install with management on a board.

  • Airlift V2 & 3P: Starting price $650

  • Accuair E Level: Starting Price $750

    +ADD Height Sensors: Starting Price $350

Suspension Installation

  • Coilovers: $200

  • Lowering springs: $250

Hardlines Setups

all setups will need purchase of fittings of your choice. (PTC fittings will work but is more likely to have air leaks, Compression fittings is recommended) Raw ALUMINUM Lines are INCLUDE.

  • Manifold Hardlines on board (accuair or airlift): starting price: $650

  • Compressors + Tanks on board: starting price $650

  • Polish or Powder coating Hard Lines: $200

Audio Setups

  • Custom bass box build to specification (2 10”s 2 12” or Single) Starting price: $300

  • Basic Audio wiring Install (4 door speakers, RCAs, Power Cable, Radio, and amplifier) starting price: $650

Car Wraps

  • all car wraps vary depending on colors (without Door/trunk jams): Starting Price: $2200


Black suede wrap ONLY (includes A-B-C pillars and visors for sedans and coupes) starting price: $700

+Add Painting of Plastics: $100

+Add Fiber Optic (stars headliner)200 strands: $480

+Add Fiber Optic (star headliner) 300 Strands: $550

+Add Fiber Optic (star Headliner) 450 strands: $620

+Add Fiber Optic (star headliner) 550 strands: $700

Interior Seats

Any Color Vinyl fabric front & Rear Seats starting price: $2200

+Add custom stitch pattern for seats inserts or other places starting price: $350

+Add Door panel Inserts any color starting price $100 each door

Custom Headlights and Taillights

  • Taillights OPEN up and Seal only. starting price $650

  • Headlights Open up and Seal only. starting price $250

+ADD Dancing LED lights, Acrylic work Starting Price: $450

+ADD painting of inside (any color) starting price: $100