How it started.

Serious Innovations was founded by Leo Garcia back in 2011. It started as a photography hobby. Leo would attend shows and take pictures of cars to post it on the web site blog. Intrigued by all the nice builds that was out there Leo got inspired and decided to modify his 2003 Honda Accord.  Little by little his accord started to get known in the car community. People would come up to him to ask for advice on hooking up their own cars, with this idea he started posting up YouTube videos to show people the progress on the car that was later named to “Becky”. As time passed Leo continued to put in more work on the accord, attended more shows across the states, and started working on other peoples cars.


Our Brand


The car scene today has become a very competitive sport. In order to stand out, you would have to do something that has not been done before. But whatever that is it, it also needs to be perfectly and tastefully executed. This is what we stand for.

SE-RI-OUS (ADJ.) Requiring though, concentration, or application. Excessive or impressive in quality, quantity, extent, or degree <serious stereo equipment> <making serious money>

IN-NO-VA-TION (N.) Something new or differently introduced. The act of innovating: introduction or new things or methods.


SI Crew


Crew stuff, Auto Events, Projects.  We are just not a crew, this is family. Each one of us is involved in the SRSINN movement. There are a lot of underground plans that are not yet ready to show to the light but to give you an Idea, We are here to make a difference! We are slowly growing and our goal is to push this crew globally; we currently have chapters in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, as well as Japan. If you need our help CLICK HERE for any questions regarding, Event organization, joining the movement ect.


Our Mission

-Setting a new standard while saving the car scene.

Leo's vision has been in the works for years, but finally it is taking shape. He believes in helping others but its too much for one person, if we all work together we can make an impact on peoples lives. We eat, sleep, and work around this hobby, for a lot of us this is how we live our life on a day to day basis. We feel as hardcore enthusiast that we should to do everything possible to keep the car modification scene alive! Throughout the years we have noticed that the scene is not what it used to be. Our Responsibly, job and duties is to educate the new comers and most importanly make a difference in the world! Our main headquarter Shop is located in Elmwood park NJ. Other Locations to be determined.